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TBA On The Red Carpet Christian Gossett
TZSP022 | TBA TZSP021 | July 9 2016 | CC TZSP020 | July 3 2016
  Star Trek Beyond's Australian Premiere was put together on Thursday, July 7 at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter by Paramount Pictures. On this edition, I'm joined by the one time director who parted ways with Alec Peters following a very public disagreement. Christian Gossett discusses the very beginning of Axanar, and what followed.
Aaron Vanderkley Vic Mignogna Canberra: Part II
TZSP019 | June 27 2016 TZSP018 | June 26 2016 SCFW012 | June 19 2016
Two years ago Aaron graduated from university in Perth as a film maker and six months ago he created a fan fic that fits the new CBS guidelines... Vic is an acclaimed voice actor and Star Trek fan. He was so inspired by the series he created and stars in Star Trek: Continues. In part three of the SciFi Weekly road trip, discover the complex which has played a crucial role in space missions for almost five decades.
Dave Galanter Canberra: Part I Ironfest '16
TZSP017 | June 12 2016 SCFW011 | June 12 2016 SCFW010 | June 5 2016
Dave is an acclaimed Star Trek author who has become known to many in recent months after news of his encounter with Alec Peters from the Star Trek: Axanar production. In part two of the SciFi Weekly road trip, meet some of the scientists making history and calling the nation's capital home. Ironfest has become an annual tradition in Lithgow, just west of Sydney. Find out more in the first part of the SciFi Weekly road trip!
Axanar PART TWO Alec Peters Rod Roddenberry
TZSP016 | April 27 2016 TZSP015 | April 3 2016 TZSP014 | March 23 2016
Following a heated exchange with Axanar creator Alec Peters a few weeks ago, PR manager Mike Bawden requested the chance to defend Alec's comments in an exclusive second part. We're joined by Carlos Pedraza from Axamonitor - a leading source of verifiable information on the entire Axanar legal case. Executive Producer Alec Peters spoke at length about his ambitious project Star Trek: Axanar in this exclusive chat. Rod Roddenberry joins me for a chat about his new role as Executive Producer on Star Trek 6 and his upcoming Australian tour for Roddenberry Adventures.  We also discuss the fiftieth anniversary of Star Trek and THAT legal case going on at the moment.
Dr Andy Thomas A Year In Space Tommy Kraft
TZSP013 | March 12 2016 | CC SCFW009 | March 6 2016 TZSP012 | March 6 2016
Australia's FIRST astronaut, Dr. Andy Thomas, joins me for a chat from the World Science Festival about his career with NASA and his thoughts on what's next for human exploration of space. Two pioneers of spaceflight return after a year in space, Tommy Kraft chats his new feature length fan film Star Trek: Horizon. Plus Larry Nemecek chats Star Trek 6 and Star Trek Horizon, Doug Drexler on the passing of Anthony Fredrickson AND a Death Star Canteen is coming to Brisbane's Queen St Mall! Tommy has managed to pull together a feature length Star Trek fan film for under 50,000 crowd funded dollars. I chat with him about getting it made and also the current legal stoush over Star Trek Axanar.
Doug Drexler Larry Nemecek Pink Stumps Day
TZSP011 | March 5 2016 TZSP010 | March 4 2016 SCFW008 | February 23 2016
Doug's work includes make up and visual effects on The Next Gen, Deep Space Nine and Enterprise, more recently he's worked on Battlestar Galactica and Defiance. He chats about his good friend Anthony Fredrickson who passed away recently, and Star Trek 6. Larry's now a regular to TREKZONE.org and many other podcasts around the world, he's the authority on Star Trek and in this edition of The Trekzone Spotlight we chat about the latest on Star Trek 6 and Star Trek: Horizon, the brand new feature length fan film. The 501st Legion is the biggest Star Wars fan club in the world, and the Redback Garrison is Queensland's troop.  They held a T20 cricket match on the weekend to celebrate 'Pink Stumps Day' ... an annual charity event to support the McGrath Foundation's drive to cure breast cancer.  Also in this edition, my chat with Tim Russ, how to enter the Wrath of Gems competition and the Star Trek: Horizon trailer.
Bryan Fuller Takes The Helm Featuring Larry Nemecek Feturing Rod Roddenberry
SCFW007 | February 15 2016 SCFW006 | February 7 2016 SCFW005 | January 31 2016
Some big headlines in Trek this week, Bryan Fuller has been confirmed as the executive producer of the new Star Trek TV series. Michael Hinman from 1701news.com joins me to discuss that and more.  PLUS! A teaser of the new Star Trek: Horizon fan film, my chat last year with Dominic Keating AND your chance to win in Star Trek: Wrath of Gems! Larry Nemecek is an authority on all things Star Trek, having been an editor at STARTREK.COM during it's prime, contributing to the Star Trek Communicator magazine and more recently starring as McCoy in a fan fiction production. Larry sat down for a chat for the first of the more regular podcasts back in 2013. Being the son of Gene Roddenberry is certainly no easy task, just ask Rod Roddenberry who joined me from LA for a chat to celebrate ten years of TREKZONE.org. Rod spoke candidly about his childhood, and his work to continue his father's legacy. This is another interview from the archives.
Featuring Doug Drexler Reflections with Larry Nemecek A SciFi Fan's Paradise
SCFW004 | January 24 2016 SCFW003 | January 10 2016 SCFW002 | December 23 2015
Doug is an all round great guy, having worked in many departments during TNG, DS9 and ENT including make up and visual effects. Back in 2013, for the tenth birthday of TREKZONE.org, he sat down for a chat about his career. In 2015 the Star Trek family lost three members, Leonard Nimoy, Maurice Hurley and Harve Bennett. While you may not know Maurice and Harve, you certainly know their work... I caught up with Larry last year to chat about their legacy. New trailers dropped this week so Amber and I discuss them.  We also chat about Space X's successful return to flight and Star Wars The Force Awakens, including bad karma to the kid who spoilt dozens of Brisbane facebook groups.
Who Is Jar Jar Binks? Tim Russ 5th Passenger
SCFW001 | December 13 2015 TZSP009 | November 12 2015 TZSP008 | September 24 2016
He's the character we love to hate, from the moment we saw him in 1999's The Phantom Menace, Jar Jar Binks became the embodiment of everything wrong with the prequel movies and most people wrote off all of the new movies based on this character's actions.

But were we wrong? Is Jar Jar Binks actually the ultimate Sith lord who survived all the way through the original trilogy's timeline and will be 'reborn' in The Force Awakens as Supreme Leader Snoke? Lumpawaroo on Reddit seems to think so, and he's found some serious evidence to back up his claim. Amber investigates in our feature.  Meanwhile, the New Horizons probe sends back high resolution images of Pluto, Han and Chewie bury the hatchet on Jimmy Kimmel and has Peter Jackson confirmed he's directing Doctor Who next year? Find out in the news.

A huge welcome to everyone, this is SciFi Weekly.
Tim Russ, 'Tuvok' from Voyager, had a chat about his project - Star Trek: Renegades - and life before and after the fourth spin off to Star Trek. It's an upcoming inde science fiction film starring several Star Trek alumni, including Manu Intiraymi (Icheb, ST:VOY) who sat down with director Scott Baker in our LA studio for a chat.
Richard Dean Anderson René Auberjonois David Nykl
TZSP007 | September 18 2015 TZSP006 | June 26 2015 TZSP005 | June 26 2015
MacGyver or Jack O'Neill from Stargate, however you remember him he was in Australia for Oz Comic Con. He chats about MacGyver, Stargate and his work with the Sea Shepard. You'll recognise René as Odo from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (or Colonel West from The Undiscovered Country.) A noted theatre actor, René has starred in dozens of movies and performed in countless plays. You may recognise David from his role as Dr. Zelenka on Stargate Atlantis. He's also guest starred in episodes of Supernatural, Fringe, Arrow, Eureka and Seven Days. He sat down with me at Oz Comic Con in Melbourne to chat about his time on Stargate... and alluded to a secret man crush with David Hewlett!
Michael Gummelt Walter Koenig Supanova Gold Coast
TZSP004 | June 24 2015 TZSP003 | April 18 2015 TZSP002 | April 18 2015
Michael Gummelt has been asked to pitch his Star Trek TV series idea to Paramount.  The news first broke on TrekMovie.com last week, and now for the first time Michael chats with TREKZONE.org in depth about his pitch. On the Gold Coast for Supanova, Walter took some time from meeting fans to have a chat about his time on Star Trek, and also to reflect on the passing of co-star and friend Leonard Nimoy. April 18 2015 was the day Australia's largest independent pop culture and cosplay expo hit the glitter strip for a weekend of awesome costuming and special guests.  I caught up with Jason David Frank (the original green power ranger!) action movie star Dolph Lundgren and Tommy Flanagan.
Dominic Keating Larry Nemecek Torri Higginson
TZSP001 | April 10 2015 TZIV13 | March 8 2015 TZIV12 | November 30 2014
In Perth for Oz Comic Con, the man behind Lt. Malcolm Reed on Star Trek: Enterprise - Dominic Keating - sat down and had a chat for the FIRST ever Trekzone Spotlight... the new podcast from TREKZONE.org, Australia's FIRST Star Trek fan site. Larry Nemecek of Trek Land and the authority on all things took some time to chat about the impact of losing three great original series contributors in one fortnight. In Brisbane for Supanova, the pop culture expo.. Torri sat down with me to chat about her time on Stargate: Atlantis, and reaffirming Joe Flannigan's comment that 'you can't beat a scifi fan base.'
Grant Imahara Connor Trineer Nana Visitor
TZIV11 | November 30 2014 TZIV10 | March 28 2014 TZIV09 | March 28 2014
In Brisbane for Supanova, the pop culture expo.. Grant sat down with me to chat about his time on Mythbusters, at Industrial Light and Magic working on Galaxy Quest and the Star Wars prequel movies... and also his roles on Star Trek: Continues and Star Trek: Renegades... Connor was our 'Scotty' on the - so far - last Star Trek spin off, Enterprise.  We sat down during Oz Comic Con in Perth to chat about the series and it's direction... and his guest role as a Wraith in Stargate Atlantis. In Perth for Oz Comic Con, Nana Visitor chats about her time as Kira Nerys on Deep Space Nine and more.
Larry Nemecek Gary Jones Joe Flanigan
TZIV08 | November 16 2013 TZIV07 | November 10 2013 TZIV06 | November 10 2013
Larry Nemecek was apart of modern Trek since the early Ninetees.He's currently appearing in Star Trek: Continues - a fan series, continuing the five year voyage of the first Enterprise. -- In fact, he was in McCoy get-up for this interview! Gary Jones was in Australia for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.  I caught up with him backstage of the signing room in Brisbane... we had a chat about Stargate, the fans and Richard Dean Anderson's mullets and trailer!! Joe Flanigan was in Australia for the Supanova Pop Culture Expo.  I caught up with him backstage of the signing room in Brisbane... we had a chat about Stargate, the fans and what he's up to next.
Alice Krige Jeffrey Combs Anthony Montgomery
TZIV05 | July 14 2013 TZIV04 | July 13 2013 TZIV03 | July 12 2013
Alice Krige is the Borg Queen from First Contact and Voyager's finale.  She chats about her time on Trek and her new movie Jail Ceasar.  Alice was in Perth for the Revelation Film Festival. Jeffrey Combs portrayed Weyoun and Brunt on Deep Space Nine and Commander Shran on Enterprise (among others!) Anthony Montgomery portrayed Ensign Travis Mayweather on Star Trek: Enterprise.  Anthony chats about his time on the show and his current work, Miles Away
Doug Drexler Rod Roddenberry TZ Turns 10!
TZIV02 | July 11 2013 TZIV01 | July 10 2013 | July 9 2013
Doug Drexler worked across the spin off series, starting with Make Up and Visual Effects and then as a Graphic Designer on Deep Space Nine and Senior Illustrator on Enterprise. Rod Roddenberry  is the son of series creator Gene.  He chats about growing up, what Trek means to him and the special edition release of his documentary "Trek Nation." Australia's first Star Trek fan site turns 10...
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